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Soccer Goals

Borderless Brigade recently returned from a trip to Honduras. Our team was given a set of soccer (fútbol) goals with nets to be donated. We were able to assemble and install the new soccer goals at the Thomas Herrington Bible Institute in Honduras.

Kenneth Nelson, a missionary in Honduras had this to say:

"Just wanted to send out a great big thank you for the gift of the soccer goals. They were a huge hit here at the Bible Institute. Before, they had been using a couple sticks in the ground for makeshift goals."

This institute challenges men and women to grow in their knowledge of Christ and church development. Students are strengthened in BIble teachings, theological doctrines, church history and administration, as well as evangelism methods for leading others to Christ.

In addition to the formal education that the Bible Institutes provide, BMDMI offers adult vocational training and support that allow students to earn additional income that will improve their economic standing and ultimately support their local church.

To learn more about BMDMI's Bible institutes, CLICK HERE


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