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2022 - Year In Review


A team of twelve men went to Taxisco, Guatemala from February 19-26, 2022 for a construction project. Two small wood houses were constructed.


A team of thirty-eight North Americans went back to Lepaterique, Honduras July 2-9, 2022. This time a hybrid model was followed. We set up four medical stations in the village for the school officials and village administration. They were treated and provided medicines there. We also helped those with vision problems by testing their eyes and either providing prescription glasses or reading glasses as needed. Clothing, rice and beans were also given to each family. Dentists were also available to aid those who needed that care.

Four teams went out into the community to see patients. Medicines were taken with each team to dispense according to need. Reading glasses were also taken with the visiting teams and given as needed. If readers did not help, the patient was given a ticket and could come to the eyeglass clinic set up in the village and be fitted for prescription glasses. Each family visited also received tickets which one family member could come and present to receive clothing, rice and beans. Those in the homes who had dental issues also got a ticket so they could come and visit the dental clinic in the village.

During our week in Lepaterique our Team Captain met the mayor and vice-mayor, discussing with them the vision, goals, and work of our team. Cooperation of the city administration is always a plus to our ministry.

Results by the numbers

Medical needs met:

  • 1,676 medical patients seen

  • 7,839 prescriptions filled

  • 202 dental patients seen

  • 333 optical patients seen

  • 1,500 lbs. beans distributed

  • __ rice distributed

Spiritual needs met:

  • 220 Bibles distributed

  • 1,700 tracts distributed

  • 62 professions of faith

  • 16 rededications


  • Guatemala 2023

    • Dates are February 18-25, 2023

    • Mission objectives are construction of two houses and to have children’s activities.

  • Honduras 2023

    • Dates are July 1-8, 2023


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