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2021 - Year in Review


After being unable to go in 2020 due to COVID, we were excited to be able to return to Lepaterique, Honduras. A team of thirty-two North Americans made the trip from July 4-7, 2021. Because of continued COVID precautions we did team ministry differently. Instead of gathering large crowds in a central location to minister to their needs, we went to them!

We had six teams who went to homes to minister. We were not able to see as many people, but our ministry was more personal because we were in their homes.

Results by the numbers

Medical needs met:

  • 708 medical patients seen

  • 3,600 prescriptions filled

  • 82 dental patients seen

  • 196 optical patients seen

  • 2,500 lbs. of beans distributed

Spiritual needs met:

  • 216 Bibles distributed

  • 800 tracts distributed

  • 86 professions of faith

  • 24 rededications


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