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2020 - Year in Review

Well, 2020 has been different, difficult, and disappointing!

Borderless was not able to go to Honduras this year as planned. We prepared as if we were going, postponed the trip, and then finally had to cancel due to Covid-19 both here in the US and in Honduras. BUT GOD was still at work. Our supplies were shipped in anticipation of going later in the summer. They arrived and were stored in the bodega (warehouse) as usual. After it became apparent that we were not going to be able to get there, our team captain, Tommy Taylor, and the BMDMI in-country personnel decided to make the food and clothing we sent available to be distributed to those suffering from shutdowns there in Honduras. God used the BMDMI missionaries, pastors, and local believers to distribute the supplies where needed. Because of meeting these physical needs, several opened their hearts to Jesus and trusted Him as Savior and Lord!

While difficult, 2020 has also been an opportunity for God to show out and for believers to see His faithfulness!

This year Borderless had the opportunity to team up with a Sunday School class at First Baptist Church Olive Branch to send hats, gloves and coats for 8 children who are being cared for by Children’s Home of the Mountains in Ramos Arizpe, Coahuila Mexico... This is a ministry that cares for unwanted, abused and needy children. It was started in 2002 by Brenda and Al Gatti and two other missionary couples.

Back here in the US, Borderless was asked take on a local project. We were excited to have the opportunity to build a wheelchair ramp for a family with a paralyzed five-year-old. This ramp will be a necessity and such a help to this family as the child continues to grow. Not only will it facilitate getting him to the family car and back into his house, but now he will be able to roll down the ramp and visit his grandmother and grandfather next door! Priceless!! It was a great privilege to serve in this way and we marvel at how God uses those who are willing and available.

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